Presence Psychotherapy Testamonials

“As a Psychologist with over 25 years in practice, and a specialization in trauma, I can say that the Presence Psychotherapy training was the best I have ever taken.  The model is incredibly intuitive, and Michelle’s experiential teaching style created a setting within which the model was so naturally integrated.  I found, and am finding that this model creates profound experiences of integration that I believe surpass other models I have worked with. ” – Deborah Lubetkin, Ph.D.

“Michelle embodies the Presence work that she offers. She is a supportive, engaging, thorough teacher. I highly recommend her.” – Beth Guthrie, Presence Psychotherapy workshop participant
“Presence psychotherapy brings together trauma therapy and spirituality in a  new way. It distill the essence of each and make them work synergically in ways that makes sense to the therapist and is very resourceful  to clients in their healing journey  because they can access experientially in vivid ways  that they are much more than the sequel of their traumas.”  Thanks Michelle! Jean-Pierre M. Psychologist.
Attending Michelle’s Presence Psychotherapy workshop at Omega was one of the most meaning experiences in my career and in my life. Her wisdom, warmth and passionate energy creates a beautiful space to learn and experience this intuitive, spiritual and highly effective model. I have witnessed and experienced the powerful healing this approach can bring to those suffering from trauma. I am truly grateful for Michelle and the offering of this workshop. ”  Cathleen Lawrence, LCSW

“Michelle Lepak presented an excellent group workshop on Presence Therapy, This workshop was a stimulating and thoughtful.  …Michelle is a delightful, intelligent woman who truly cares about her work. I highly recommend Michelle Lepak and her workshop on Presence Therapy.”    – Ellen Rosman, Presence Psychotherapy workshop participant

“Michelle is one of those rare practitioner/teachers who possesses an abundance of knowledge combined with the gift of a keen intuitive sense that she integrates organically into being a highly skilled trainer/teacher. She is open, warm, present, caring, and very well organized with the content and presenting of the material as well as in the facilitating of the entire training process. Her passion for the material and the teaching of it is infectious. She creates a very caring, safe environment within which much joyful learning can take place”  – Robert Evans, Ph.D. Training Participant

“Michelle created an amazing new way of working with clients called Presence Psychotherapy. It is an integration of spiritual practice and somatic psychotherapy techniques.  Michelle is an excellent clinician who is able to teach with so much authenticity and thoroughness…. Presence Psychotherapy has helped support my clients to be in the moment notice their parts and be the observer while having a deeper connection with their own Self Energy. It helps them regulate and stay in the window of tolerance. This is where much of the healing can happen. She is truly gifted and we are so lucky that she used all her experience, insight, knowledge and Self to be able to teach and share this modality with us. I can’t wait for the book!!!! ” – Melani Levine, LCSW,  Presence Psychotherapy training participant

“Michelle Lepak is a skilled clinician and teacher. The depth of her training and knowledge is astonishing and I can’t recommend her CEU classes highly enough. No matter what your skill level she will have a lasting positive impact on your practice and add so much to your toolbox.”   Jennifer Shedd, AMFT Training Participant

“Michelle’s teaching style. is powerful and fun.  Highly recommended.”-  Amoret Philips, LCSW,  Training Participant

“Presence Psychotherapy breathes new vitality into traditional mind-body approaches by integrating a spiritual dimension that has long been missing.  It transforms psychological healing into a more robust, integrated and expansive experience.” Esti Marcus, LCSW Presence Psychotherapist.

“Thank you so much for a life changing training!” Chris Wagner, psychologist  Presence Psychotherapy training participant

“Michelle Lepak’s Presence Psychotherapy workshop at Omega is both a  personally and professionally elevating experience. As a holistic psychotherapist, I easily embraced the notion of using spiritual presence in the healing of trauma.  Yet as a seasoned practitioner, it took a moment to see how I could combine these tools with my own way of working.  Ultimately, acquiring these techniques has brought new energy to my practice, and it has rendered potent results for my clients.    …..Michelle’s masterful teaching style is gentle, soulful, and very informative. I highly recommend this workshop for any mental health practitioner who is interested in learning and growing.” –  Marcia Blau, LCSW, Holistic Psychotherapist.

“As a clinical and Program Assistant for IFS trainings, I hear repeatedly from clients and students that they need more support in how to connect to Self energy and how to guide clients in this regard. Presence Psychotherapy provides the missing link that both clients and IFS students repeatedly ask for as it provides a guide to experiencing Self energy, and establishes a visceral, felt sense of Self energy in the body that clients and students can inhabit.”  Hayley Newell, Registered Therapeutic Counselor.

“Presence Psychotherapy creates a safe, loving space in which to learn and heal. This program was powerful, experiential and didactic; Michelle teaching style is open, patient and supportive. Highly recommend!”~ Fiona Watson LCSW , past Participant

“With a background in psychodynamic psychotherapy and limited exposure to somatic orientations, I was quite skeptical about how this training would land with me. This experience was transformative for me personally and for my practice.
Presence Psychotherapy is a gift to the field of therapeutic approaches…Michelle creates a safe, judgement free space and gently helps you to integrate her teachings with what you already know.” Lauren Meisels, PhD

“Presence Psychotherapy is a powerful way to help clients on an energetic and spiritual level to heal past trauma. The 28 hour training at Omega was a pleasure to experience. Michelle is able to present this modality in an easy to understand way. The clients I have used it with have given me positive feedback.”
Amoret Phillips LCMHC.

“Presence Psychotherapy has been the missing piece in my clinical practice.  Presence Psychotherapy enables the client to tap into subtle energies of grounded, spacious, relational and transcendent presence, which helps them to expand their container and window of tolerance.  In this more expansive window of tolerance, the clinician can seamlessly integrate different modalities to attend to young parts, old wounds and deeply exiled experiences.  Presence Psychotherapy breathes new vitality into traditional mind-body approaches by integrating a spiritual dimension that has long been missing.  It transforms psychological healing into a more robust, integrated and expansive experience.  Michelle’s five day Presence Psychotherapy training embodies this modality, allowing for a parallel process for the clinician, in which they

 are able to tap into their own spiritual presence, available for healing their own wounds as well as their clients.” – Esti Marcus, LCSW – Presence Psychotherapy training participant.   

Presence Psychotherapy is  empowering and also increases the depth and breath of emotional processing and healing.   Michelle is an excellent presenter who generates an environment of safety, laughter, and openness. Her clinical depth and experience were evidenced throughout. Karen Sciaraffa, Ph.D., Presence Pychotherapy Training past participant.

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We as Presence Psychotherapists are committed to the overcoming of oppression and marginilization in all forms.  We are also committed to the facilitating ongoing conversations that create safety for multiple perspectives.