Presence Psychotherapy


Intoduction to Presence Psychotherapy

Online Intro Workshop for Mental Health Professionals


This Live online workshop provide a thorough introduction to the theory and practice of the Presence Psychotherapy model.   Didactic presentation, demonstrations of the Presence Psychotherapy process, and experiential practice are offered.  

 What to expect!

  • Observe demonstrations of clients Orienting to Four Frequencies of Presence.
  • Experience the healing and regulatory benefits of Presence Orienting.
  • Discover how Presence Psychotherapy includes clients personal connection to spirituality in trauma healing.
  • Receive supportive guidance practicing the facilitation of Presence Orienting in small break-out rooms.
  • Observe a full Presence Psychotherapy session showing how Presence Orienting can be utilized to access implicit memory, process trauma and heal attachment wounds.

Instructor: Michelle Lepak, LCSW

Dates: Febraury-March 2023

Integration with other Models:

Intro to Presence Psychotherapy and Intro to Internal Family Systems

 Our mind has many parts.  We all experience having different parts we are conflicted about a decision.  One part of us may want to do one thing and another part of us may want to do another.  Parts are sub-personalities that have there own beliefs and feelings.  The neuroscience lab at University of Southern California (USC) has determined that we have over 70,000 thoughts a day.  If we listen to the our thoughts we find that throughout our day we have internal conversations among different parts of us that want, avoid, and feel different things.  Parts of us hold the experience of unhealed wounds while other parts try to keep the feelings and thoughts of the wounded parts from overwhelming us.   Psychology has long understood that the healthy mind has many parts.  Examples include Ego-state psychology, Transactional Psychotherapy, Schema Therapy, and Inner-child work.

Presence Psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems both work parts somatically to more fully access parts’ feelings, beliefs and sensations .

Discover and Practice IFS with Presence Psychotherpapy Integration!

In this workshop you will be able to:

  • Name the theory and steps of the IFS model .
  • Identify types of parts and Self Energy.
  • Practice giving IFS sessions with supportive feedback led by experienced IFS therapists.
  • Experience and practice Presence Psychotherapy techniques that  help clients easily access and have an embodied sense of  IFS Self Energy.
  • Discover to help yourself and your clients oreint to Four Frequencies of Presence.

16 Ceus