Four Dimensions of Presence to Heal Trauma

Presence Psychotherapy is an integrative trauma therapy that opens awareness to the Four Dimensions of Presence to helps us expand our identification of who we are, experience well-being, balance emotions, and heal the many layers and nuance of trauma.
We all  have  an innate resonance with at least one of the Four Frequencies of Presence.
Presence Orienting prompts help clients  have a felt sense of Presence throughout the session and easily utilize this awareness to process trauma, including Fight, Flight, Freeze,  and heal attachment wounds.


Presence Awareness helps us more easily access and heal semantic, emotional, sensory, and procedural traumatic memory.


Presence is energy that exists in and around us all of the time.  It is a robust resource to process difficult thoughts and feelings.

Experience the Four Frequencies of Presence:

  • Spacious Presence
  • Compassionate Presence
  • Grounded Presence
  • Transcendent Presence


The opening of Awareness that can occur in the Presence Psychotherapy’s Presence Orienting process, for some, can be akin to Awareness of connectedness, oneness, colors, and/or ubiquitous love can be experienced through psychodelics without side effects.


The Presence Therapist helps clients who have come into therapy with a connection to Spirituality to feel safe to have the option to utilize this Resource in trauma work.


Presence Psychotherapy offers tools to  fully access and process implicit traumatic memory