Integrating Spirituality with Trauma Healing

Presence Psychotherapy is an integrative trauma treatment model that opens awareness to the Four Dimensions of Presence to helps us expand our identification of who we are, experience well-being, balance emotions, and heal trauma.

Presence provides a foundation to process difficult thoughts and feelings.

Experience the Four Frequencies of Presence:

  • Grounded Presence
  • Spacious Presence
  • Relational Presence
  • Transcendent Presence.

Through the ORBITS process, the client is supported to utilize Presence Awareness to heal semantic, emotional, sensory, and procedural traumatic memory.


The Presence Therapist is trained to guide each client to attune to the Four Dimensions of Presence during the session to help the client open and deepen Presence Awareness in and around them, and ultimately experience themselves as Presence.  Presence Awareness is then utilized through out the session to process and resolve issues and trauma.

Presence Psychotherapy offers tools to  fully access and process implicit traumatic memory