Presence Psychotherapy Training

28 CEs for most psychologists, social workers,

marriage & family therapists and counselors

Healing trauma through 4 Dimensions of Presence

Presence Psychotherapy is a trauma therapy that integrates spirituality, internal inquiry, and relational attunement to facilitate healing.

This 5-day training, is highly supportive and includes didactic presentations, live demonstrations, and experiential practice to help participants gain tools and knowledge  to facilitate client’s awareness of 4 Dimensions of Presence to fully access and process the many layers and nuance of trauma.

Continuing Education (CE) Information

Upcoming Training Dates and Locations


Cortes Island

Hollyhock Leadership Education Center, B.C.

Dates: Aug 4-9, 2024
Trainer:  Michelle Lepak, LCSW


Getting there:  You can take a plane through major airlines to Campbell River, B.C.  From there, take a 10 minute ferry ride to Cortes Island where a Hollyhock provides a free shuttle. 

The Omega Institute

In-person Training

Rhinebeck, NY

Dates: Sept 22-27, 2024
Trainer:  Michelle Lepak, LCSW 

The Omega Institute is located in the Hudson Valley NY, and provides many restorative opportunies while  training professionally.  Omega’s mission is to awaken the best in the human spirit.  As a Presence Psychotherapy training participant, enjoy beautiful gardens with benches to rest or meditate, a beachfront lake, healthy vibrant food in a community of other like-minded guests.  Many classes such a yoga, qigong, free dance, and meditation are included in your stay and available in between training sessions.